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Holburn West Community Group


The Church of Scotland has decided to close Holburn West Church next year.  The premises is an important building for the community and currently provides community space for a variety of children and adult groups.

To maintain the building as a community hub, City Councillors Martin Greig and Ian Yuill along with members of the Church and Ashley & Broomhill Community Council, hosted an open meeting on May 11th at Holburn West Church to discuss the potential future of the Holburn West Church building.

The "One Voice" Holburn West Community Group, comprising of residents and community groups was established to promote and explore the potential future use of the current Church premises for the benefit of the community. The community group has over 80 members and a management committee of six, chaired by City Cllr Martin Greig.


The management committee has spent months working on a feasibility study and a sustainable business plan and has demonstrated the value and benefit the Church premises will bring to the community as a Community Centre.

Holburn West Community Group

Management Committee:

City Cllr Martin Greig

Hamish Mitchell

Comm. Cllr Leila Turner-Smith

Jan Watt

Norma Dey

Mhairi Freeman

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Community Input


Ashley & Broomhill Community Council (ABCC) and Queen's Cross & Harlaw Community Council (QXHCC) have been working closely with us on this project, assisting with funding and community input. A questionnaire requesting people to have their say was sent out to the public.  

Please support this project by answering the short questionnaire below.  


We need YOU to say YES to make this happen.

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Great Western Community Trust (SCIO)

As an unincorporated body, the Holburn West Community Group will not be able to purchase the building when funding is secured.  An open meeting was held on October 12 at Holburn West Church and a separate SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation) called the Great Western Community Trust was established to be able to apply for funding and purchase the premises.  Charitable status was approved by OSCR in January 2023.


Going forward, the Great Western Community Trust will run and manage the Community Centre for it's community members. 


Inaugural trustees appointed to the SCIO are:

City Cllr Martin Greig

Hamish Mitchell

Community Cllr Leila Turner-Smith

Gordon Fettes

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A safe place for everyone

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