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Cllr Martin Greig

Martin is the Chair of the Holburn West Community Group and a Founding Trustee of the Great Western Community Trust. Martin has been an elected member of Aberdeen City Council since 2003. He represents the Hazlehead area and the west end. He is currently the Convener of the Council's Education and Children's Services Committee and is the Council spokesperson on culture. 

Hamish Mitchell

Hamish was a member of the Holburn West Community Group and a Founding Trustee of the Great Western Community Trust. A retired solicitor, Hamish was educated at Robert Gordon’s College and then graduated M.A., LLB from Aberdeen University and then spent his legal career in private practice in Aberdeen. During his time as a solicitor, Hamish had experience in the establishment of local charitable organisations.  He had every confidence in the abilities and professionalism of his fellow Trustees. Hamish passed away in June 2023.

 Leila Turner-Smith

Leila is a member of the Holburn West Community Group and a Founding Trustee of the Great Western Community Trust. Leila is a Senior Data Scientist at EY (Ernst & Young) and has worked in finance for over 13 years. Leila was born in London to an English father and a mixed Italian, Chinese & Vietnamese mother, and spent her childhood growing up in South East Asia. Coming from an international backgroud, Leila believes that diversity is important in today’s world because it helps us learn from each other and understand that everyone is unique and special in their own way. Leila started her finance career working for offshore drilling company Schlumberger where she spent a lot of time commuting between UK, France, Italy & Norway. Leila left Schlumberger to work for EY in 2015. Leila is a Community Councillor and current treasurer for Ashley & Broomhill Community Council and an associate member of Queen's Cross & Harlaw Community Council.

Gordon Fettes

Gordon is a Founding Trustee of the Great Western Community Trust.  He graduated from Paisley College in 1982 with a BSc in Land Economics, and graduated as a Chartered Surveyor in 1984. He obtained my Fellowship of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in 1990 ( FRICS ) and graduated with a Post graduate diploma in Property Investment through the College of Estate Management at Reading University in 1990.  He was an Equity Partner, Director and Consultant for two firms of Chartered Surveyor's over 20 years. He also worked for a few years with Aberdeenshire Council and laterally with a large National firm of Chartered Surveyors dealing with Commercial property Business Rating Appeals.  He has extensive experience as a Property Agent in the purchasing/selling and leasing of Commercial property in Aberdeen/North East of Scotland for many Private Company and Oil Company Clients. 

Gill Redman

Gill Redman is a member of the Holburn West Community Group and been a user of Holburn West Church buildings for over 30 years, through social groups such as parent & child and the tennis club, as well as through a variety of church worship communities. Gill has a Chemical Engineering degree and was initially brought to Aberdeen by the oil industry. In 2003, she took a PGCE at Northern College and, for the past two decades, has been a primary school teacher at Drumoak School. All the Redman family have strong connections to the church buildings due to the many social and community events they have attended and organised there over the years.

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The team are fortunate to have had assistance from many people. We would like to give a special thanks to:

Rev Duncan Eddie
Minister of Fountainhall Church &
Former Minister of
Holburn West Church

Norman Brown
Former Treasurer of Holburn West Church

Sandy Gallagher
Former Property Convener of  
Holburn West Church

Holburn West Church Fabric Committee

Holburn West Church Congregation

Dr George S Stevenson

Ashley & Broomhill Community Council

Queen's Cross & Harlaw Community Council

Elyn Zhang
Highlands & Islands Enterprise

Sandy Mathers

Claire Shaw

Colin Duff
SKS Scotland


A safe place for everyone

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