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Great Western Community Trust (GWCT) is the legally incorporated charitable organisation set up to raise funds to purchase and manage Holburn West Church for the benefit of the community. It is registered with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.


You can look us up on their website at:

Our Charity number is SC052219

What Is The Trust Proposing?

GWCT are applying to the Scottish Land Fund for money to help purchase the Church. Assuming we are successful, we'll open the building up for community use.

Great, How Can I Help?

We need to prove that the community truly supports the idea. One of the key ways to prove that is the number of local people who join the trust as members. That's where you come in.

What Does Becoming a Member Mean?

Becoming a member means that - if you want to - you get to vote on who the trustees are. The trustees are the people who make the day-to-day decisions on how the trust is run. 

There is no risk and no financial responsibility to you. If the company gets into debt or has to wind up - nothing at all will happen to you. 

How Do I Become a Member and How Much Does It Cost? 

Membership is free and all you need to do is fill in the form below and click Submit.

Please support us by becoming a member today.


Join us and become a free member 

Thanks for submitting!


Your details will always be kept private and will not be shared with any other organisation. By clicking submit, you are agreeing for the Charity to hold your information solely for the purpose of becoming a member.

We'll send you formal confirmation of membership.  After that, we'll send you notification of member's meetings and the occasional update on activity.

A safe place for everyone

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